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You've Heard the Buzz About Keto, You've Wondered About Intermittent Fasting... But Does it All REALLY Work? Our 20-Minute Video Reveals exactly Why we are 'Crazy About Keto' and How You Can Join our 10 Day Challenge to Blast Through Your Fat-Loss Goals, Safely, Naturally and FAST!!

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Fueled with Brie & Tyler Christopher

​​​​Join Brie & Tyler Christopher for an Eye-Opening Video discussing the True Secrets to Keto & Intermittent Fasting Success. 

About Tyler:

Tyler is a Certified Nutritionist and His Career as a Daytime Actor, requires that he keeps himself Camera Ready at all Times. An Avid Crossfitter, Tyler brings his unique combination of Athletic Expertise and Nutritional Education to help You Breakthrough Your Fatloss Goals.

About Brie:

Brie is a world class Pilates & Dance Instructor whose got the Abs to prove it! Brie is no stranger to yo-yo dieting and weightloss gimmicks. After working with women of all shapes & sizes and athletic abilities, her passion for healthy eating drove her to discover a solution that would help her studio clients achieve their fat loss goals and now she and Tyler are sharing their secrets with you!


    - How to Use Fat for Fuel & Build Muscle at the Same Time

  • - How to Avoid the Dreaded 'Keto-Flu' 
  • - Fight Chronic Inflammation
  • - Achieve Hormonal Balance
  • - Get through the first few weeks of Keto without Driving Your Significant Other Crazy! 
  • - Learn How to Still Eat Carbs while enjoying the Benefits of Ketosis!
  • - Improve Mood, Increase Energy and Boost Physical Endurance
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Fueled with Brie & Tyler Christopher